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American Students Loan Forgiveness & Debt Relief (ASLFDR): We are a unique service that specializes in Loan Application Packaging specifically for the Department of Education’s (DOE) latest Federal Student Loans Consolidation and Loan Repayment Modification Programs.

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Proven Expertise in DOE Federal Student Loan Modifications

With proven expertise in DOE Federal Student Loan Modifications, we offer our Clients a single point source for determining program eligibility, locating the best options for DOE loan restructuring products, compiling all necessary documentation, and submission of the application/request package to the Department of Education.

Our authorized representatives have over 20-years of combined experience with Department of Education Federal Student Loan processing and that gives us the highest success rate among service providers in DOE Loan Modification application acceptance.

We Do All The Work

We validate program eligibility based on the Client’s personal profile up front. Our analysts then identify DOE product options that best match the needs of the Client. Based on the option selected, ASLFDR prepares the loan servicing request in accordance with all applicable Department of Education requirements and submits the Client-approved application package to the DOE on your behalf.

With ASLFDR’s Federal Student Loan Document Preparation Services, our Clients can be confident in the fact that they are receiving an exhaustive analysis of their personal situation, in order to identify the best DOE repayment options available to satisfy their present financial needs.

Security is Important to Us

Our Clients rest assured that their personal information is completely secure on our system at all times and never compromised. And they have the peace of mind knowing that their application submitted to the DOE site will be processed promptly and error-free. This is a key to success when you navigate a Government system, and ASLFDR’s experts know how to minimize the likelihood of delays.

American Students Loan Forgiveness & Debt Relief (ASLFDR); our Clients come to us because we do the extra work, deploy the added resources, and most of all, because we get results. ASLFDR charges a nominal fee for our services, but all of our Clients agree it is money well spent.

Why Use Us?

There are some individuals who prepare their own tax returns, while many use the services of a paid tax preparer. If you are one of those who prepare their own taxes, you may want to try to prepare your own application for student loan modification, as there is no cost. Some take this path and many more wish they hadn’t.

Just like the person who represents himself in court has a fool for an attorney, you may think you are going to successfully represent yourself to the DOE and restructure a student loan effortlessly. The fact is that ASLFDR has quite a number of Clients that are law school grads or accountants and any of them will quickly point out that Consolidations, Loan Repayment Plan Requests, Disability Discharges, and other Rehabilitation matters on Federal Student Loans through the Department of Education are best handles by professionals that operate in the DOE platform exclusively.

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American Students Loan Forgiveness and Debt Relief is committed to helping its Client base rebuild their financial future – One Student Loan At A Time!

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